April 20, 2016

The Day the Crayons Quit~Funtivity

I didn't want to get you all excited about Crayola Crayons, and over all of the fun that my students and I had without sharing a fun activity that you and your students could do, too!  

Click on the link below the picture for your Day the Crayons Quit Funtivity FREEBIE.  I created two pages for your students to enjoy. One page features a blank page for writing a letter from the crayons perspective to their "owner".  The other page features a less-than-happy crayon.  Students are free to create any background that they choose.  They can draw objects, people, events, and/or animals that a particular colored crayon might be used for.  This would be a great extension activity for Response to Literature writing.  It would be a wonderful opportunity for students to explore dialogue, as well.

  Click on the link below to grab your sheets. 

Add a box of Crayola Crayons and enjoy!

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