My Classroom

My classroom is one of my absolute favorite spaces. It is bright and inviting, and instantly feels like love when I walk across the threshold each morning.

View from my door. The blue tape that you see had my students' names on them.
This was my way of helping with seating during the first few weeks of school.

You can see how I love bright colors. I use baskets on the tables as a way for the students to share pencils and crayons. This has always worked well for me. If you look behind my kidney table, you can see the neon colored book baskets that I purchased from I heart those baskets. The great thing about is that you can purchase materials for your class via "easy pay". If you shop any of the shopping networks, I know that you know all about easy pay.

I will continue to post pictures of my students and my classroom in action.

Here is one of the newest spaces in my room. My file cabinets used to be in this space. Once they were moved, I had to figure out what to do with the tiny nook. I added a rug and a full body pillow that my daughter no longer needed for her college dorm. Viola! Instant reading nook. I chuckle to myself each time I hear their little voices arguing over who is going to sit in the nook and read.

My students enjoy this space, as well. It is one of my favorite spaces. It is also a small space, but it creates a sense of being nestled in. I love that students can be nestled in and feel safe and homey while they are working. I have envelopes, mini sheets of cardstock, different types of writing paper, and the usual writing tools. On the wall above the writing table are a set of posters that I absolutely love. The writing posters were created by Teaching Superkids can be found on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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