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April 5, 2017

I wanted to come back with an update to my Pinterest debacle.   Well, so far... at this point... I have decided not to promote any more pins.  Now, I can chuckle, but that night, I thought that I was going to have a melt down.  I can completely understand why a 3-year-old simply throws themself down on the ground and screams and cries it out.  I would have felt 10x better if I had allowed myself to do that.  ha ha ha.

It is very possible that I MAY attempt to promote a pin again some day, but I may have to seek some guidance before I let that happen.  I checked my checking account yesterday, I was billed another $62 and change for those same pins.  I believe that there will likely be another charge to come.  To make this story even sadder, I didn't even sell any of those products.  Yep!!  : -  )

I also wanted to share an experience that I had this morning on Instagram.  I was on IG scrolling through my feed.  All of sudden, I catch a glimpse of a picture that I am sure that is mine.  Wait a second, I didn't post that picture today.  I stop the scrolling process and quickly swipe back until a see the picture again.  There it is!  Staring at me.  It was my picture.  From my classroom.  Featuring my students doing an activity.  It caught me off guard and felt very strange in that moment.  I kept thinking, "I didn't post this just now".  I read the caption on the picture.  The poster was kind enough to say that they did not know where the picture had come from, but that they loved the activity that was featured.  I replied that it was a post from my page and "@'ed" myself so that she could find me.

In the grand scheme of things, I am really happy that I had shared information that a fellow teacher found to be helpful.  However, it was jarring and a very poignant reminder about online safety.  I always try really hard not to post my students' faces directly and I haven't shared the exact name of my school.  Not just this, but like many of you, I do sometimes share pictures of my private life.  It is always so exciting to share a family vacation, your child's birthday, your latest and greatest Target find.  But, IG's reach is global. When I am posting I am thinking of all of my sweet TpT friends, friends, fellow teachers, and colleagues.  It is easy to forget that public accounts really do reach the public.

The other reminder that this experience gave me was to always watermark my photos.  I really didn't realize that someone could so easily "lift" a picture from my page.  I don't know how to do it, but it must be pretty simple to do!  My sweet friend, Tabitha Carro, Smartphone Marketing School Guru, taught me how to watermark my pictures with an app that I could download right to my phone.  I will do a post that shares how to do this with you shortly. I will continue to share, but I will definitely be more mindful while I am doing it. 

March 11, 2017

Today was a challenging day in the world of this Teacherpreneur! I hope that your Saturday was amazing.  I am juggling many balls in the air as I try to learn more about owning, running, and maintaining a business. Honestly, I have been feeling very good about the strides that I have finally taken to challenge and improve myself in this area. However, I'm not feeling so good right now.  

Well.... I got up the nerve to attempt to promote a pin on Pinterest about a week ago. It was something that I had never done before.  Why not, you ask? Well, #1 I had heard horror stories from other TpT Sellers about the process #2 It seemed like it was too expensive.  So,  I decided to go small and to make sure that I capped my spending allotment. All of this is a VERY long story that I, honestly, don't want to relive.  If I type what happened, I will go back to the ledge. ha ha aha   I had to call my daughter in college to help console me. Yes, it is that bad. 

 At the end of the day, I didn't know what I was doing- apparently.  My checking account balance was much lower than what I had calculated in my mind.  I looked to discover a rather large deduction to........ Pinterest! I dug around Pinterest, which is not easy to navigate from a business/consumer perspective, and finally found some information. Somehow, I managed to run promotions for 2 pins at a variety of 9 different campaigns. Nine promotions for the same 2 pins at the same exact time. Sigh. I'm not even sure how that is possible??!  AND, I was being charged/paying for EACH time someone clicked on the pin(s) . On top of all that, I don't think that the amount that I was already billed is the final purchase amount.   I digress...

On top of my lovely #lessonlearned Pinterest situation, I was trying to tweak a few things on my blog. I was trying to update the social media icons to reflect the platforms that I actively interact with. My plan was to delete the Periscope icon and link and update them to Instagram (IG). I spent over an hour trying to do this. Each moment spent, made the matter worse and worse. I had icons scattered over the page. At one point, I had a giant IG icon and tiny icons for the other platforms. It was sheer insanity! 

I finally was able to get them all into a cohesive formation. It is not the formation that I wanted, but they are all there and they are linked to the social media sites that I need them to go to. The up side is that the formation that they are currently in looks like an upside down T. Since my business is Teach Me T, I am hoping that visitors will think that it was intentional.  LOL!!!

Hmmm!  Things that happen are meant to make us stronger, wiser, better informed, and perhaps, more cautious.  

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