Disclosure and Terms of Use

This is not the fun stuff, but it is important that I share this information with you.

Welcome to my blog!  I am so glad that you chose to spend your time with me.  I couldn’t be more excited to share ideas and experiences from my classroom to yours.

Teach Me T is my personal blog.  I write, edit, and maintain my own posts as a means to share my teaching journey and resources with you.  You are welcome to tell all of your friends and colleagues about my blog.  I would be honored for you to do so.  However, you may not redistribute, copy, revise, reproduce, or adapt any part of this blog without my written consent.   You may share my blog and content with others , but you must link back to this blog/me so that others may access the original source of the content.

All of my products and freebies are copyrighted material.  You may not copy, sell, claim as your work/creation, alter, or post my work on your blog or website.  Please respect this copyright regulation.

Teach Me T does participate in the Amazon Affiliate program.  I do not accept payment for advertisement.

Teach Me T will never sell, use, or give away any of your personal identifying information.  Information that might automatically be collected by this blog when you comment on a post,  visit the site, or sign up for posts via email (such as your name, email address, etc. ) is for internal use only.

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