You Know It’s Spring When the Peeps Hit the Shelf

Happy Spring, Everyone!

Yes!  Sweet, happy sunshine.  Are you feeling the same way?  I have been waiting for Spring weather to crack through the snowflakes.  Although, Springtime has been a bit of a tease where I live.  One day is warm and sunny, the next day it is freezing cold.  We are fluctuating from the 70s back down to the 30s.  I had mentally packed away my sweaters and was visualizing myself taking walks in the park.  I was even thinking that I really needed to go buy a new pair of Cross-Trainers.

Even if the seasons are playing Tug-of-War, one thing is holding steady.  That is the appearance of the sweet, gooey, colorful, marshmallow candy Peeps.  I don’t know why they bring a smile to my face, but seeing them hit the shelves in the grocery store simply makes me happy.  They come in a variety of colors and flavors (including “Mystery Flavor”), and you can even find them in different Easter-inspired shapes.

If you are looking to have a little Peep-tatstic fun with your students this Spring, you may enjoy learning “The History of Peeps” and doing experiments with Peeps.

This is one of my favorite resources in my store.  The students are always so delighted when the Peeps come out!

I also love to pair my Close Reading activity with a great science-based set of activities that Simply Kinders created.  Here is the link to her product.  I hope that your students love this, too!

Happy Spring, Everyone!

Leave a comment to let me know how your students enjoyed these activities.  Which Peeps flavor was their favorite?

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