5 Ways That Teaching is Like the NBA Finals

     If you are like me, you stayed up late last night to see the final showdown between Steph Curry and LeBron James.  Oh my goodness!!  It was heart stopping…heart pounding excitement up until the final buzzer.  I screamed every time the Warriors missed a shot.  Regardless of the team that you were rooting for, I think that you might agree that teaching is just like the NBA Finals.  Keep reading to find out how! 

Number 1- Every Year Begins With the Hope for Greatness

  • Each year, we begin the school year by unpacking boxes, purchasing new storage bins and containers, and decorating and prepping our classrooms for the arrival of new students.  Last years triumphs, and/or disappointments are behind us, and we look towards the future in hopes of having a spectacular school year!  We are headed to the Finals!

    Number 2- Hard Work is a Mandate 

    • You have to show up, suit up, and give it your all each day.  Your students are depending upon you to give them both new learning experiences, as well as, new life experiences.  We know that they watch our every move.  They are counting on each of us to help them navigate their academic goals, social experiences, emotional states, and growing pains.  Hard work poured in= hard work poured out.   Let’s suit up!

    Number 3- You’ll Rely Heavily on Your Teammates

    • We are creative creatures.  Sometimes others get it/us, and sometimes they don’t!  Right? There are days when we just like to go to our rooms, close the door, and teach.  More likely, we like to go into our rooms and “experiment”.  Simply try something new.  Test out a new idea, lesson, or concept.  That’s what I am like quite often.  However, as you know, in this day of STEM/STEAM lessons, RTIs, data management, Collab, and the like, we are depending more heavily on others for support, direction, and ideas.  
    • Your teammates will also consist of your actual teammates (grade level team), parents, volunteers, school administrators, and your sweet students.  Hands in!

      Number 4- Your MVP Status WILL Be Challenged

      • This one is pretty self-explanatory!  LOL  We have all had those days, or years, when someone simply decides that they are not going to follow directions.  Or, that student that interrupts every comment that you make.  Maybe it is the student that is struggling socially and/or academically, and you know that you have tried everything within your knowledge of Best Practices to reach.  Yet, they are not showing much progress.  
      • Have your teammates/colleagues told you that you are too creative?  Too artistic?  Always doing “extra”?  Maybe you don’t have a very strong team and find yourself working and planning on an independent basis.  Perhaps the worst experience ever… Opening up your email first thing in the morning with a “less than pleasant and definitely unexpected email” from Johnny’s mother.  Like I stated, your MVP status will be challenged!!

      Are you ready for Number 5?  

      This may be the best one yet!  Drum roll, please!! dum dum dum

      Number 5- If It’s Not Your Best Year, You Get to Start Fresh in a Few Months

      • Honestly, this may be one of the nicest aspects about our profession.  No matter what occurred this previous year, we do have the opportunity to clean up, pack up, rest up, and plan for the beautiful prospects of a brand new year.  We are given the opportunity to reflect, revise, and reset for the next year.  We can establish new routines, build new lesson plans, create new seating and furniture arrangements, and design new management systems.  Anything and everything can be fresh and new!   There will be a new group of students, a new set of parents, and many new opportunities for fresh experiences.  Isn’t that a great aspect of teaching??
      So, what do you think?  Is your teaching experience reminiscent of the NBA Finals?  Leave a comment below.  Then, pin this blog post or share it on Social Media.  Thank you for sharing!


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      1. I love your creativity of comparing teaching to the NBA Finals. I never thought of it in this way, but you are RIGHT! I LOVe number 5 as well…because each year is a new beginning with new challenges, students and you get to start all over again!!!

      2. Hi, Crystal! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I used to watch basketball more often, but haven't gotten deep into it in the recent years. BUT, I have to watch the Finals in my house. LOL. You are right, it is always nice to have a fresh start! That is one of the beautiful things about being a teacher.

      3. Hi, Kathy! So glad that you came to my blog. I love that we get to start all over again each year, too. There is always something new to look forward to. : )

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