A Teacher-Friendly, Student-Driven Game of Scoot Anyone?

It has been a very busy school year so far!  I can’t believe that we are already headed into the holiday season.  My school year began with…  You know what.  Assessments, assessments, meetings, and more assessments.  I am finally at a point where I feel like I can actually teach.  Now, we’re having more fun.  Really, I try to make sure that the students are always having a good time while they learn. So, technically, I have more time to focus on content and my content delivery now.

Grammar is one of the content areas that we have been having a lot of fun with lately.  I always share that, “Grammar is a part of the way that we communicate”.  We, then, talk about the different ways that we communicate and how we are sometimes more formal or more laid back depending on the setting or situation.  We discuss how it is important for others to be able to understand the information that we are trying to communicate.

Verbs may provide the most fun for my students.  They love that verbs show action, which means that they have the opportunity to move around even more than usual.  What 6 year old doesn’t value additional movement?!  Right?  :  )

We are adding a Verb Scoot game to our list of learning activities.  I was inspired to create a family-inspired, holiday-driven Scoot game.  I love the versatility of the format because I can use the cards for a game of Scoot or as Task Cards for Small Group instruction.  I also have the flexibility of allowing students to work independently by pulling cards and working on that skill.

The cards are numbered for easy management.  QR Codes are also featured on each card to allow for self-checking.  Simply use any form of technology that you have available (old cell phones, a tablet, an iPad, etc…).  Download a QR Code Reader, like i-nigma, onto the devices that you have available.  Students can scan the code with a device to check their own understanding.  This gives your more freedom to focus on Small Group or one-on-one instruction.  Don’t have any “extra” technology that students can use to scan the codes?  That is perfectly okay.  I have also included an answer key.
Use a QR Code Reader to display the correct answer.  It is a great way to empower students to be more independent learners.

Click on this image to get a sample of 4 Task Cards.  
I hope that your students enjoy practicing and strengthening their grammar skills!
If you would like to purchase the full product, click here!

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