Create the Class Environment That You AND Your Students Can Thrive In

Creating the Class Environment That You AND Your Students Can Thrive In!

I couldn’t be more excited to write this blog post!  I hope that you can feel the enthusiasm and electric current jumping off of the page.  I am working to create a course about creating a culturally responsive classroom.  I’m in the Beta Testing phase and I am in need of dedicated teachers like yourself to jump in and test the course out.  All participation is free!  In return, I am seeking your constructive criticism, full participation, and testimonials if you found the information to be helpful.

So, What Exactly is This All About?

The course is about creating a classroom that is in tune with the cultural diversity of its students, and meeting the needs of those students in a way that makes them feel like they are important and that they belong.  In essence, that’s it.  When students feel like they belong, they show up.  They show out academically (raise their performance to the next level).  They will give you their hearts, their time, their attention, their support, and full buy-in to virtually any lesson that you try to impart.  They will love you because you have made them feel loved.

Cultural responsiveness and the building of relationships is key! They go hand-in-hand and can change the trajectory of your entire classroom.  Cultural responsiveness relates to the way that you respond to, take in, evaluate, and react to others based on YOUR culture.  Your culture is everything about you- your frames of reference.  Your upbringing, family dynamics, socio-economic status (growing up and today), religious beliefs, work ethic, birth order… Everything that makes you uniquely and wonderfully        y-o-u. Being in tune with the way that your culture impacts the way that you see and relate to others is a powerful level of knowledge to have.  It can be a beautiful thing!

Benefits to You:

  • Learn what a culturally responsive classroom looks and feels like
  • Learn more about being a culturally responsive teacher
  • Deepen connections with your students
  • Be excited about stepping into your classroom each day
  • Have excellent classroom management
  • Feel in control of your classroom and confident about your lessons and lesson delivery
  • Increase student and parent buy-in
  • Improve communication with and buy-in from administration and other stakeholders
  • Build the classroom that is welcoming, supportive, and has an emphasis on academic excellence
  • Show students how to communicate with understanding and compassion to improve their peer relationships
  • Decrease disruptive behavior- Students will be too busy enjoying your lessons to act as distractions!
If ANY of these points sound like areas that you would like to improve or take to the next level, click on this link.  I’m Taking My Teaching to the Next Level!  Scroll to the  bottom of the page and click on the box that says, “APPLY HERE”.  Complete the application so that you can sign up to learn more!  

Beta Testing is FREE.  There is no charge to you.  In exchange, I would request your honest, constructive feedback to help me cater the direction of the course to better help more teachers and students.  

What Do You Get to Experience as a Beta Tester?

  • A FREE mini-course on creating a culturally responsive classroom.  I only need 2 weeks of your time.
  • The opportunity to have a positive impact on your peers by helping me develop a course that will be beneficial to other educators by changing the trajectory of their students’ potential
  • Access to a facilitator that will support you every step of the way and be your biggest cheerleader and confidant.
  • Interaction with fellow teachers that are in the trenches with you and have similar goals for themselves and their students.
  • A private Facebook group where you will share your experiences, goals, ideas, successes, and/or “please help me” experiences.
  • Live 1:1 coaching via group calls on a video platform.  They will also be broadcast live in our Facebook group.
  • A better understanding of how to increase your cultural responsiveness to foster self-confidence and positive self-fulfilling beliefs in ALL of your students.
I am excited to have you join me!  Click here to Have the Classroom of Your Dreams!  
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Apply here”.

I’ll see you in our course!


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