Read THESE 3 Inspiring Posts on Teaching Through Your Pregnancy

There was a time in society where we would never see a pregnant Teacher in the classroom.  Though it may be met with an “Oh my” or side-eye or two, it is more prevalent and more acceptable today.  It is a beautiful experience, but you may have to admit that the larger the belly, the more concerned you become for your Teacher friend(s).  :  )   This is only the case in my mind because I can vividly recall both of my pregnancies.  Teaching through your pregnancy may present its own unique challenges.

Honestly, I didn’t have an easy time with either of my girls.  You could have simply called me an Oompa Loompa because I virtually was.  I was as tall as I was wide.  I’m not even 5 feet tall, so visualize THAT. LOL.  I can chuckle now, but it wasn’t terribly funny at the time!  My ankles were so swollen that they, honestly, no longer really looked like “ankles”, I ached all of the time, and I needed to use the restroom EVERY few minutes.  I was miserable and I was a hot mess.  They would have sent me out of the classroom!  I wouldn’t have blamed them one bit.  No teaching would have been occurring in my classroom.  Thankfully, I wasn’t teaching at the time.  However, today, there are many of you whom are.


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Read THESE 3 Inspiring Posts on Teaching Through Your Pregnancy

For those of you beautiful and amazing women that are teaching through your pregnancy (affectionately, “teaching while mommy-ing”), I salute you in absolute awe!

  I want to share three blog posts that may offer some fantastic, inspiring, and encouraging information with you.

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Surviving Pregnancy in the Classroom by Presto Plans

This first post was written by Bonnie of Presto Plans.  Bonnie offers wonderful tips for caring for yourself while pregnant, teaching through your pregnancy, and planning lessons while you are expecting and for the day that you’ll need to officially leave to have your sweet baby(ies).  .

Teaching While Pregnant: Sharing the News, Working Smart, Taking Care of You, and Losing the Guilt


This Crazy Imperfect, Beautiful Season of Life by Michelle Griffo

Michelle Griffo shares her journey with us as a guest Blogger on the Teachers Pay Teachers blog.  Her story is beautiful, honest, and vulnerable.  Genuinely,I appreciate this so much; as each woman has a different experience with pregnancy.  Every experience isn’t Pinterest perfect and every pregnancy isn’t as easy as the media can often make it seem; often causing those of us whom struggle in our pregnancies to feel somewhat disenchanted with our experience.  I encourage you to consider and remember that our journeys are chosen just for us.  Read more about Michelle’s journey.

This Crazy, Imperfect, Beautiful Season of Life


Why Body Patience After Pregnancy is So Important by Zoe Withers

This post is one of my favorite posts by Zoe Withers of  It is a must read.  Be patient with your body, embrace its newness if you experience changes that you weren’t expecting, and remember that you grew a new life inside of you!  Trust me, your new body is fabulous and amazing!  Zoe’s blog is absolutely gorgeous to look at and it is chock full of a variety of topics that will help you through pregnancy, after delivery, and beyond.  I encourage you to grab your favorite cup of tea, your sweet baby if they are not resting, and read any of the posts on ThinkBaby.  You’ll want to bookmark this website!


Why Body Patience After Pregnancy Is So Important

I hope that these blog posts have provided you with support, encouragement, and tips that you find to be very helpful and inspiring.  Know that you are amazing!  Remember to put your health and your baby’s health first.  Your students will be fine and they will continue to thrive under your loving care in your already “perfect for them classroom”.  Have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery!  Enjoy the beautiful new life that you just brought into the world!  Enjoying teaching through your pregnancy is an attainable possibility!


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