5 Must Have Holiday Gifts for the Tech Savvy Entrepreneur- Teach Me T

5 Must Have Gifts for the Tech Savvy Entrepreneur

5 Must Have Holiday Gifts for the Tech Savvy Entrepreneur!


Bring on the hot chocolate, lights, and holiday cheer!

Happy holidays to all of my fellow Entrepreneurs and Educators!  By God’s grace, we have made it to the end of another year.  I hope that it has been a productive and prosperous year for each of you.  Even if every thing that you envisioned did not come to fruition- YET, I hope that you had many opportunities for growth.  I have compiled a list of tech savvy gifts that I am sure that you would be more than grateful to receive, and that you would be thrilled to gift!  There are a few that I was absolutely  blown away by!

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I have not tried any of these products personally.  I found these delightful goodies and wanted to share them with you.  Here’s hoping that someone sweet sees this list and gifts us all!  <3

Without any further ado….


Tech Savvy Gift #1

A Productivity Timer


Productivity Timer to help maintain focus and to make sure that you take much needed breaks


Tech Savvy Gift #2

Evernote Premium Subscription


Evernote organizational tool for tech savvy Entrepreneurs


Gift your favorite Entrepreneur organization, note taking, and convenience at the tip of their fingers for $7.99 per month.  Evernote is an app that syncs across all of your devices and allows you to access all of your notes and plans with ease!


Tech Savvy Gift #3

The Flexispot Standing Desk


Flexispot standing work desk


Be still my heart!  I would absolutely love to have this standing desk and workspace.  I stand up while I am working all the time.  It helps to increase my focus, and I find myself really going to town with the activities that I am working on when I am standing.

Tech Savvy Gift #4

Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad

a waterproof note pad that can be used in the shower to capture your ideas

Umm… please and thank you!

How many times have you had an awesome idea for your next resource, blog post, meeting, or much-needed conversation with a peer, friend, or loved one while you were in the shower?  It happens to me all of the time.  Sometimes I rush out to grab my phone and leave myself a note.  This gift would help to alleviate the need for rushing out into the cold bathroom breeze!


Tech Savvy Gift #5

Livescribe 2 GB Echo Smartpen

I may have saved the gift that I would be most excited to receive for last!  Wild squeals of joy!!  This is mind blowing and absolutely ingenious.

LiveScribe pen will transcribe all of your handwritten notes to your computer as typed text

Feel free to take all the notes, and draw all of the sketches, that you want to during your next meeting.  No worries!  You will NOT have to take time later to type your notes.  NOPE, you won’t have to do it.   You simply take your fabulously detailed notes, and the Livescribe pen will transfer them to your computer for you (A special notepad is required for this).  Where has this tool been all of my life?!


Bonus Tech Savvy Gift

Bonus tech savvy gift:  This gift is similar to the item listed above.  I happened upon this one out of the blue and was equally as impressed.  I have never used it, but I think that I might like this handwritten to typed note taking version even better.  It is advertised as a “Tablet that feels like paper”.  That sounds amazing!!  It is compact, portable, and sleek.  I would love to try this tablet!

Remarkable Tablet


The Remarkable Tablet that feels like paper. Handwritten notes will be turned into typed notes.

Bonus Tech Savvy Gift #2

I know that I was supposed to only give you 5 must-have tech savvy gifts.  However, in my defense, bonus gift #1 found me and it was delightful!  This gift suggestion actually might trump them all.  I thought of this just recently after I found a few flyers in my mailbox.   Donating money to a charity that your tech savvy entrepreneur supports, or believes in, in their honor would be a lovely gift.  

Here are two of my favorite charities:

St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital

Operation Smile

What Are You Off to Wish List or Buy?

These are five of the tech savvy gifts that I would love to find under my tree or in a Christmas stocking!  Do you know of any others that should be added to my list?  Leave a comment to let me know more about your awesome finds.


Enjoy the beauty of the season!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!




P. S.

If you are trying to find the perfect gift for a sweet teacher in your life, read this 5 Top Teacher Gifts That Will Have Them Singing Falalalala.  

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