2019 New Year Reboot Virtual Conference

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2019 New Year Teacher Reboot Virtual Conference

This New Year will be even more exciting than you had previously believed! Why will this be so, you ask? January 3rd-5th will offer a free New Year Reboot virtual conference that is all about kicking off the new year with tips, resources, laughter, and support from some of the top Creatives and Teacher -Authors in their field! Over 30 inspiring, down-to-earth, walk the walk- and talk the talk teachers have created videos on a variety of topics that are sure to have you nodding your head in agreement and taking notes for future action plans!

The Virtual Teacher Conference

So, exactly what is a teacher virtual conference, and how did I get involved in the process? This virtual conference will give each of us the opportunity to receive hot-off of the presses personal and professional development sessions with fellow educators that are in-tune with what is happening in education and in our lives today. We will be discussing issues like cultural responsiveness, social consciousness, subscription boxes, weight loss, and so many other matters that are important to us as educators. Hopefully, you will laugh, dream bigger, and dig deeper into issues that are important to us.

Personal and Professional Development from the Comfort of Home

Just think, you can sit in your jammies with a cup of hot cocoa and press play for any session that elicits excitement and curiosity in you. You get to choose your sessions in any order that you please, and play them at your will. I love that we get to connect with fellow teachers that we already know and meet new teachers that we can grow a community with. This may actually be one of the best aspects of this conference. Wonderfully, you’ll still be able to interact with and get to know each presenter via their social media accounts well after the virtual conference has ended!

Connecting With Teachers That Inspire Me on a Daily Basis

This was how I became involved with this fantastic virtual conference! All of the presenters that you see featured in the photo above are avid Instagrammers. Most of them I know strictly through interactions on IG and several are fellow Teacher-Authors on Teachers Pay Teachers that I know and love personally. My dear friend, Jessica¬†Martin, (aka “The Whimsical Teacher”) actually approached me and asked if I would like to participate in the virtual conference. Jess is co-sponsoring/hosting the conference with Carrie Conover of Educators2Educators.

I told the Lord that I would accept any opportunities that came my way if I was blessed with offers. Before, I had been letting fear still my joy and growth, and my coins! You must know, that I am absolutely positively (honestly, I continue to work on this and push myself towards this mark) not going to miss out on chances for deeper growth and prosperity! So, I immediately said yes, had a “moment”- very brief- when I realized that I had said yes, and just pushed past my “self-imposed” worries.

a grid of pictures of 25 teachers that will present at a teacher conference
These are some of the Ahh-Mazing educators that will share their experiences with us during the virtual conference!

Truly, I am deeply honored to be a part of this community of educators. They are some of the best human beings that you can have the honor of knowing. Talented, creative, inspiring, activists, entrepreneurs- they are all the real deal!

Put Yourself First: Teacher Self-Care

I am really excited to share my thoughts on self-care! I won’t tell too much here so that you can watch my session beginning on January 3rd, but teacher self-care has become increasingly dear to my heart over the past few years. You may already know how much I love the Whole30 program and how it drastically changed my quality of life. Fitness and nutrition are also dear to my heart! Most days, you can find me huffing and puffing away on my Elliptical machine. Actually, I am somewhat telling on myself in that last sentence. First of all, it hurts- all the time- no matter what! Ha ah ha. However, when I am using it consistently, I huff and puff quite less.

In any case, if you are connecting with me on IG, you likely already know much of my story. Thank you so much for sharing so many of my adventures with me. It means so much! If you are not connecting with me on Instagram (IG) yet, I would love for you to. My handle is “@teach_me_t” and you can find me here. You can share my interactions with my students, what I am eating to remain as healthy as possible, how I am moving to keep the arthritis away, and everything else that I might be up to.

Register for the Conference Today!

While you have a moment, don’t forget to register for the Virtual Teacher Conference. It’s 3 fun and engaging days of teacher-to-teacher connecting, learning and growing. I can’t wait to see everyone’s contributions! I hope that you will be watching with me. The 2019 Teacher Reboot Virtual Conference beginning on January 3, 2019 and running through January 5th. Here’s the conference registration link again. https://educators2educators.com/conference

Sign up now while it’s on your mind!

See you inside of the virtual conference! I can’t wait to laugh with you, learn with you, and take notes with you.

Inspiration Hit- I’m Throwing a Sale!

How could I forget?!! In honor of the New Year Reboot Virtual Conference, I have set the resources in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, Teach Me T, on sale at a discount of 20%! ALL of my handwriting, behavior modification, math, reading resources – everything- will be on sale on January 3rd, 4th, and 5th. You can find my store here.



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