Teacher Self-Care: New Year, New Mindset

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Whew! The Educators2Educators Teacher Reboot Virtual Conference was phenomenal! It was quite the beautiful experience for me, and it was a whirlwind; with moment after moment of excitement and new experiences! To provide a little bit of background… The Teacher Reboot conference featured 40+ educators that each created video sessions, some with downloadable documents, on a specific topic. The topics primarily covered 2 categories- health & wellness and career pathways. In essence, it was teacher self-care on personal development and professional development.

Teacher Self-Care

I created a presentation on “Put Yourself First: Teacher Self-Care” that I really enjoyed sharing! As I shared with you in my previous post, I was delighted, and secretly frightened, to participate all at the same time. It was that moment when you KNOW that you ARE going to do something and you’re scared, but the fear doesn’t stand a chance because it’s your destiny. This was my experience and I couldn’t be happier that I saw the process through to the end. The outcome was more glorious than I could have imagined!! You can watch my follow-up session from Facebook Live here.


In my session, I shared my personal journey and what lead me to being more conscientious about taking better care of myself. Who am I kidding, not “better” care of myself! Simply taking care of myself. You likely know exactly what I mean. I’m sure that you stay late, arrive early, sleep very little, and spend most of your time thinking about your next lesson or activity. Most of the time, our sense of teacher self-care is non-existent!

My dear fellow teachers, we are working ourselves to the bone. Many of us are burned out. Some of us our desperately seeking ways to exit stage right from our classrooms. At times, I feel more and more like this is where my mind is. Honestly, I can’t see myself waiting until I have reached my 30 years of teaching finish line. My visions of my future don’t reflect that at all. I would love to be able to retire wealthy (or so that I can become wealthy), blog, create, read books, spend time with my family, and enjoy life to the fullest! Are you listening, sweet Universe?! I’m ready!

My Journey and New Direction

This leads me to share what I have been focusing on on a more personal level. Mindset. I “accidentally” stumbled upon the act of being mindful and realizing that my thoughts create my destiny. “What a man thinketh, so he is”. That quote very much speaks the truth to how manifestation works!

The key is to manifest powerful, positive outcomes that propel you to the next level. I, my dear friends, am working towards creating a life full of abundance and joy. One where I have time to spend more time with my family while being able to provide them with a healthier, wealthier, and more carefree lifestyle. What are you trying to manifest for yourself?


I didn’t necessarily choose a word of the year, but I do believe that it choose me. LOL Actually, I don’t really have a single word of the year because last year’s word is still glued to my heart. Last year, Abundance was my WOTY (Word of the Year). Honestly, it had meaning for me on a mental level but I could never really seem to go that deep with it or create a personal connection with it. I couldn’t figure out why at the time. Abundance has a greater meaning for me at this point now that I am doing the work and learning more about my thoughts, as well as, my relationship with money.

Teacher Self-Care Includes Our Finances

I think that this is the area where we, as educators, can sometimes cut off our nose to spite our faces. We are so often told that what we earn is just the way it is, or that we didn’t go into teaching to get rich. Ummm, excuse me. Speak for yourself, please!. ha ha aha At some point, we all seem to have simply accepted that as being our plight in life. Personally, I no longer want to live paycheck-to-paycheck, and I don’t want to accept this as being “the plight of the teacher”. Teacher self-care does include our finances, too.

So, I’m diving in. I am peeling back layers. You’ll find me doing the work and demonstrating… my word for 2019

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I have learned that being mindful and intentional with my thoughts is key to having success and wealth.

Perhaps you are not a “New Years Resolution” type of person. I didn’t create any resolutions. The one thing that I do plan on doing is setting goals. My greatest goal will be writing them down and actually utilizing them to propel me to the next level. I genuinely want to learn how to be actively mindful about creating a brighter and even more fulfilling life for myself.

Is mindset something that you are working on, too? Have you set aside time to put a teacher self-care schedule or routine in place? Did you create a Word of the Year that you are just pumped about? Share your WOTY, self-care plans, and/or what mindset shifts you are working towards with me in the comments. I would love to hear! If you would love even more inspiration and direction when it comes to mindset, read this wonderful article by our friends at Namaste Nourished! While you’re there, dive into other articles that might help support your goals.

While it’s on my mind, Multicultural Children’s Book Day is coming up on January 25th! This is one of my favorite events of the year. While you are waiting, you can see the post on the multicultural books that I reviewed last year. I will be sharing more about it in my next post. Until that time, I hope that you manifest your biggest and best dreams!




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