Open Doors to African American History

Open Doors to Black History

Open doors to African American history! Who would have known that decorating doors for Black History Month would have turned into a way to celebrate the contributions of African Americans in history in such a way. What a fun concept and a great way to, in a glance, share your identity, culture, pride, and historic information! I love this concept so much. It seems like it began with doors that showed photographs of famous people from Black History. Then, it evolved into moments, movements, and a declaration of self-expression.

This was such a beautiful way to kick off Black History Month! Just to see the level of creativity, pride, and expression that people put into these labors of love was so invigorating and awe-inspiring! I want to share a few doors that spoke to me and that I thought shared a beautiful message. Read on to see which door is your favorite.

Door #1

The doors are not necessarily listed in any particular order. I posted them as I found them. HOWEVER…. this door might be my absolute favorite! The level of detail! The sentiment behind showing Katherine Johnson as the true mathematical genius that she is! Need I say more?!

Door #2

Door #3

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“Make the game winning move in the game of life!” 🎤 Love this @mourningknows! #Repost @mourningknows ・・・ I’ve always dreamed of becoming an NFL superstar and when this guy right here decided to fight for love and equality…He changed my perspective on what being a big time play maker actually meant. Make the game winning move in the game of life! #blackhistorymonth #colinkaepernick #istandwithkap #teacher #author #educator #blackmaleteacher #nike @teamcolinkaepernick #takeaknee @nike @usnikefootball @kaepernick7 @nessnitty 🙌🏿🙏🏿 #blackexcellence #teachersofinstagram #teachersofig #Blackjoy #Blacklivesmatter #theblackmancan #education #melaninpoppin #Blackhistory #imwithkap

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Door #4

Door #5

This door is simple and complex at the same time! Did you spot the Black Pride fist that John Wesley Carlos and Tommie Smith displayed during the 1968 Olympic medal ceremony? They proudly and quietly demonstrated their heartfelt beliefs. They were later banned from any future Olympic games. Would you be willing to risk everything in order to stand up for what you believe in? There are so many wonderful and historic moments in this display!

Door #6

This door! I was so pleasantly surprised to see this door! This door represents a really endearing moment that happened between two teammates from the UCLA basketball team. When one of the players missed a shot, he was walking away with his head hanging low. His teammate approached him, lifted his head by his chin, and told him to keep his head up. I began to cry. It was a short, few seconds interaction, but it made the difference of a lifetime! We all need people on our team/in our life that are like that! Keep your head up!!

Door #7

Door #8

Door #9

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For Black History Month, we honor the FIGHTING Shirley Chisholm! FEEL FREE TO SHARE! #unboughtandunbossed “The first African–American Congresswoman, Shirley Anita Chisholm represented a newly reapportioned U.S. House district centered in Brooklyn, New York. Elected in 1968 because of her roots in the Bedford–Stuyvesant neighborhood, Chisholm was catapulted into the national limelight by virtue of her race, gender, and outspoken personality. In 1972, in a largely symbolic undertaking, she campaigned for the Democratic presidential nomination.” I was honored to create a true leader in our community using this artistic trend! I challenge more teachers and instructors to decorate their classroom doors to bring awareness of black excellence to the school systems and after school programs. #mariahsart_ #blackhistorymonth #africanancestry #democraticparty #shirleychisholm #newyork #artislife #artistsoninstagram #boysandgirlsclubs #tsrpositiveimages #blackexcellence #teachersbaes #instructorbaes #blackhistorydoorchallenge

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Door #10

Door #11

Door #12

This amazing door was created by my sweet friend, Alicia. She is a rock star! Fun. Sassy. Bold. Talented. Can you tell that she is the beautiful focus of this door?

Which of these doors brought a smile to your face? I hope that this post sparked a few ideas for next year’s doors! Let me know your favorite door in the comments.



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