Teacher Summer Virtual Conference: Free Professional Development!

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I am so excited to be a presenter! Classroom management is near and dear to my heart!

Hello, dearest friends!

Woo Hoo! This teacher is officially out for the summer! What do I have planned you ask? I have already attended one session of professional development. I have two more workshops that I signed up for that I am looking forward to. One is on writing and the other is on math instruction. For some reason, I am feeling really revved up about next year already. Honestly, I am trying to slow that train down. We earn our summer breaks and I need to truly make this time a time to rest and recharge.

A part of me just wants to cozy up in a bed and read ALL of the self-development books that I can get my hands on. There are a few that I started during the school year, but did not have a chance to finish. The one book that I am going to read this summer (pinky-promising myself right now) is Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. The book is about mindset- growth mindset vs. fixed mindset. I am learning how powerful having a growth mindset can be in all areas of your life.

I was watching Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu… Actually, It wasn’t his show, Impact Theory, he and his wife were being interviewed on another show about their relationship and their business, and he mentioned this book. He spoke of it so highly and shared how it had changed his life. Ahem, if it changed his life- I’m all in! He and his wife created Quest Nutrition and have gone on to live their best lives, and now help others try to accomplish the same.

My Plans for the Summer

Plans with my girls is number one on my list! Both girls will be off and thriving in the Fall, so I really want to maximize every second with them. {Insert ugly cry here.} This might just be going to the mall/plaza on the weekends, grabbing yogurt from a local spot, or simply watching a show on Netflix together. Netflixing (Yes, Netflix, has officially become a verb! ha ha ha) nights might be my favorite times.

I am also planning on diving into product creation for my store, Teach Me T, on the website Teachers Pay Teachers. I don’t always have the time to create new products during the school year the way that I would truly like to, so it is a “must do” on my list for the summer. Connecting with each of you is also really important to me! <3. I couldn’t wait to have time to blog again!

Free Summer PD!

Once you have your classroom packed up and labeled, and you are settled into summer, I am inviting you to dive head first in a FREE opportunity to connect with other educators for 2 days of Professional Development (PD) from the comfort of your couch, your pool, your favorite coffee spot- wherever your teacher heart desires.

The E2E Summer Virtual Conference is Here!

Join me on July 15th- July 16th for a plethora of video sessions featuring topics that will help you manage your classroom, gain more ideas for math instruction, reading with your students, and so many more topics. All of the sessions are geared towards helping us extend our Teacher Toolkits. This is FUN professional development that is catered to our current classroom needs! This powerful PD is being presented by Carrie Conover of Educators2Educators (E2E) and Jessica Martin of The Whimsical Teacher. They are both super-talented women and wonderful educators.

Watch My Session on Classroom Management

My session is one that is near and dear to my heart. It is all about mastering classroom management through relationship building. You know that relationships with my students and their families is very important to me. It’s an area that I am very proud of and I am so excited to share my tips with each of you on this topic!

We all know that poor classroom management can break your spirit, ruin your days, and be utterly embarrassing. Being successful in this area is key to having a classroom that is filled with positivity, security, and engaged learners. Plus, we all want THAT classroom that everyone- students and adults- are delighted to enter. Join me to learn more about what I do to cultivate a positive classroom!

If you would love to learn more about one of the challenging moments with classroom management and how I sought help to turn it around, you can read more here.

Go to this link to register for free!

Click here for more/general information about the conference and all of the wonderful resources that E2E (Educators2Educators) has to offer!

A Few of the Fantastic Presenters!

A collage of 20 pictures of 20 different educators.  All showing excitement and their love of teaching as they present professional development.
These a just a few of the phenomenal presenters for the Summer Virtual Conference!

You will have two days to enjoy all of the fantastic sessions. It sounds like a lot of time, but I’ll have to tell you that I was not able to watch all of the videos that were available during the Teacher Reboot Conference that E2E offered last year. Yes, there were THAT many rocking sessions of professional development and this conference has even more to offer! Especially if, like me, you really like to take notes so that you can really absorb the information.

No need to worry if you are thinking that you might not have as much time to absorb all of the Teacher professional development goodness! Thankfully, the Summer Virtual Conference has a pass that can be purchased that will allow you extended access to all of the virtual video presentations. You can use my affiliate link to grab your extended access pass here!

Take Action Now!

Alright, now that you have all the links for all of the access to this fantabulous professional development, go use those links to get registered and to get extended access! Then, join us on July 15th to kickstart your summer of fantastic, free professional development. Each session was created by teachers, for teachers. Just in case you were wondering. Yes, there are videos for EVERYONE! The sessions are categorized by grade level bands, so elementary and secondary levels are covered.

A flyer for the E2E Summer Teacher Conference for professional development.  A picture with a sky blue background and a hot pink flamingo floating in the ocean.

Enjoy your summer break!

Remember to practice lots of teacher self-care!

Make time just for yourself!


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