Children’s Book Review: Chicago Treasure is Pure Treasure

Let me begin by saying that this book is a treasure! It represents concepts and ideals that I truly believe in and support. This wonderful book embraces differences in a way that I had never seen before. Children with different abilities are the delightful stars of the book. It’s the perfect mix of state of the art technology, wonderful photography, inclusion, diversity, and childhood wonder!

An image of Tania N. Davis standing inside of a classroom.  A smiling, African-American woman dressed in a grey blouse and a tribal-inspired pink, purple, grey, and navy blue cardigan.  I am holding a hardback copy of the book Chicago Treasure.

I want to say that being able to review this book is an honor. Stacy Smith, from Everything Goes Media, was kind enough to contact me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing Chicago Treasure on my blog. It is an honor to have others recognize me and “Teach Me T” as a lover of children’s literature and an advocate of cultural responsiveness, diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism. That being said, thank you to Stacy Smith and to all of you for supporting my dreams and beliefs.

On to the book review!

How Can You Purchase a Copy?

If you would love a copy of this dynamic book for yourself, visit Everything Goes Media at Ms. Smith and the creators of Chicago Treasure are offering my readers a 15% discount towards the purchase of the book. Use the code CTBLOG15 to receive your discount. You might want to purchase a copy for your home library AND for your classroom library! Chicago Treasure is too precious not to share!

All author proceeds go to The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Disabled and Access Living Chicago, nonprofit organizations that provide services to families living with a disability. The beautiful children that are featured in this lovely book are involved with these organizations. I know that your support would be greatly appreciated!

Don’t hesitate, order this vibrant, fun, and diverse book for your home or classroom library today!  The ISBN is978-1-893121-79-9/.

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