5 Ways to Teach Native American History in Your Classroom

November is Native American/American Indian History Month. Genuinely, this is one area of history that I truly enjoy sharing with my students. The beauty of the Native Americans and the beauty of their traditions and culture is breathtaking. The sadness of their history can be overwhelming, upsetting, and sad. This

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Thankful for Teachers Giveaway- November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving! Teachers, you give so much of your time, talent, personal funds, and your heart to students. We wanted to show you how thankful we are for all of your hard work and sacrifices. We’re also so very grateful for all of the love and support that you show

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How to Avoid Teacher Brain Fog: Gain Mental Clarity

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed myself with a head space that seems fogged over and cloudy from time to time. Stopping mid-sentence, trying to find the next word to complete my sentence, and just feeling like I can’t keep my thoughts straight can be a little

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4 Ways to Make Read Across America More Diverse

I’m so excited to share 4 ways to make Read Across America more diverse! Can you believe that it is almost March? March means a few special events; one of those being Read Across America! March 2nd is the day that we typically celebrate the writings and musings of one,

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Activities that Honor Dr. King

    Allow me to ask:  Did you share this activity with your students this year?  If you did, what were your thoughts behind it?  I know that tit’s really popular, but did you have your own reasons for participating?  I am sooo just as guilty.  I don’t know if

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How Do You See Gifted Black Male Students?

This is a blog post that has been burning at my soul! Gifted Black male students and how they fair in the education system. I decided to take the plunge with two of my teammates and get my Gifted Endorsement. Honestly, it entails way too much work; especially since this

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