Back to School Resources for Social Distancing

Blog image for the Back to School Teacher Toolkit that advertisizes resources for social distancing.  An image of a green toolbox and an African American boy wearing a yellow shirt and a face shield.

Preparing with resources for social distancing may just help to make this truly “new” school year a remarkable one! Our mindset, vibrations, and desires for this year will set the tone. Adding tools to your teacher toolkit may also help you set the tone for this year!

For so many of us, the beginning of this new school year is filled with many unknowns. Brick and mortar teaching. Virtual or online teaching. A mixture, or hybrid, of the two. Regardless of which option you experience, it won’t be like any start that many of us have experienced before. I wrote a post on what classrooms might look like in the fall that you can click here to read.

Honestly, I think that I have found a way to detach from the situation. I’m genuinely entrusting God to lead me through this school year. All I can do is let go and allow Him to dictate all that happens.

As teachers, we are planners. So, let’s plan for the most successful version of 2020 that we can! Are you with me?

Here are some resources for social distancing from a few of my Teacher Friends that you may find very helpful. I am so excited to share this “round up” of tools that you may want to add to your personal teacher toolkit. Click on the images to purchase the resources that you love!

Behavior Expectations for Video Lessons

I created these in Google Slides to make it easy for teachers to share the posters online with their students. Open the resource in Google Sides, hit present, and use your screen sharing app or website to view each slide and share them with students. This is a great way to set the tone for the year in a positive way that helps to build ownership and class community.

Social Distancing

Image for social distance posters.
Image for social distancing color book
Image for an emergent reader on staying safe and healthy

Talking About COVID19

Image for "how to talk to your children about the Coronavirus"
An image for posters and name desk plates for COVID19 safety

Building Class Community

An image for an "All About Me" activity for Google Slides
An image for getting to know your students, a back to school project

Academic Resources

An image for a math and ela toolbox
An image for a reading interest survey
An image for creating pen pal letters
An image for an animal adaptations digital resource activity
An image for a back to school checklist for planning digitally

I hope that you find some of these resources to be exactly what you need to kick off this school year!

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