Online Teaching Behavior Expectations for Virtual Learning

Zoom. Google Meet. Google Hangout. Video Chats. If the mention of any of these platforms gives you hives, you are not alone! I told you how I felt about the lessons that I taught live on Zoom. I dreaded them! The only time that I enjoyed it was when we met for lunch. Even those brought perspiration to my brow. There is just something about not having the level of control that you need in order to deliver the quality lesson that you desire.

I put myself back in that place. How could I potentially onboard 18 brand new students that I have never met from Day 1? I asked myself, “What would I do if I was in the classroom”? Well, I would share my behavior expectations. So, what am I going to have to do if I teach over the computer? I’m going to have to share my online teaching behavior expectations with my new students!

Google Slides for Easy Access

The Online Teaching Behavior Expectations Posters were created in Google Slides. Now, they are accessible anywhere that you made need to share them with students! As long as you have a Gmail account and WiFi, you can access the posters at any time! The other great thing is that you can PRINT the posters right from the Google Slides platform! So, if you return to your classroom at some time during the year, or if you use a designated space to record videos, you can display them! Don’t you love that?

Visual Cues Are Key for Littles

Being that little ones do well with visual cues, I created posters that can be pulled up and shared via Google Slides with the class. Open the slides and then share your screen via a platform like Screencastify. Each poster has a visual cue with directions that you can read aloud and discuss. Then, you can practice the behavior that each slide represents.

Image of 4 Online Teaching Behavior Expectations posters on a dark-colored wood floor.  Each poster has a picture cue and directions for how to behave during an online lesson.
Click on the image to be taken to the posters!

The Posters Include Video Behavior Expectations For

  • Having all of the materials that you will need for the lesson with you before you login on.
  • Being fully dressed (i.e. Wear pants LOL)
  • Turn on your camera
  • Mute on to listen to others/instruction
  • Mute off to share information
  • Sit in a quiet place
  • Listening quietly while someone else is speaking
  • Not using backgrounds
  • No distractions
  • Using the Raise Hand button (on the Zoom platform)

For a few of the online teaching behavior expectations posters, I included different wording for the same picture. I wanted you to have the wordings that might work best for your students. There are 10 posters- 5 of them have 2 versions.

Here is a sample of how the wording was varied, using the same visual.

I’m wishing you an amazing school year!

Be safe.

Put your self-care and well-being first. That’s our right. We should not feel guilty about that.

Please let me know if I can do anything to support you! <3

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