How to Create a Visual Classroom Schedule in Minutes

An image of a visual classroom schedule.  There are 3 columns and 7 rows.  Clocks that show the time for each subject, the academic subject, and the digital time.

Hello!  I am so happy to be back with you sharing how you can create a visual classroom schedule in minutes!

This visual schedule can be used in your classroom.  Simply print it and display it on your wall or Whiteboard.  You can also share it via Google Classroom, Schoology, your Bitmoji, teacher classroom- the sky is the limit!

Visual Schedules

Posting or displaying your visual classroom schedule is the perfect way to keep everyone on track and to let your students know what is occurring next. If you have students that may experience anxiety or that are fearful of change, a schedule that they can see and follow may be very helpful. Students that need structure and routine to support their learning and emotional needs, can also benefit greatly from having a visual classroom schedule.

My students love to look at, or go over to the board, and look to see what we’re going to do next. It’s really sweet to see them do this. Then, as the year progresses, they usually let me know if I am late starting a subject. Or, if I am going to be late for Specials. ha ha. Yes, I am often that teacher. Hey, if the learning is great, you get excited and wrapped up in it! Right?

Create a Schedule for Virtual Teaching

If you are teaching virtually for distance learning, this schedule can be even more time saving, communicative, and efficient for you. In addition to your subject schedule, you can share plans for virtual class meetings, Morning Messages, morning work, read-alouds… This may be a few extra steps, but it would be so worth it for your students, their families, and you. You would highlight the text and add a hyperlink that would lead to the activity (like your Zoom meeting, or anchor text).

I thought that I would switch it up a little this week and create a video to share with you.  Feel free to create right along-side me. You could also pause the video as you need to. Or, watch it in its entirety and then begin creating your own visual classroom schedule in minutes.

Here is the link to the video, “How to Create a Visual Classroom Schedule in Minutes”. Today, I am using a new platform, so I hope that this works seamlessly.

Sidebar: Maybe you can help me. I could not figure out how to add a title to my video from this website. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I hope that you find this video on how to create a visual classroom schedule in minutes to be very helpful.  Leave a comment and let me know how well it worked for you.

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Let me know if you find the video helpful! Leave a comment.

Have a wonderful week!

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