Create a Twos Day That Your Students Won’t Forget!

What a time to be a kid! February 22, 2022, affectionately named “Twos Day, Two’s Day, or 2-22-22 Day”, is just days away. There are many fun activities and resources you can use to make the day memorable and easy to manage. Keep reading for more information on Twos Day and to get ideas on ways that you can celebrate it with your class. Plus, I’m offering a Freebie that you can use with your students.

I’m excited to celebrate Twos Day with my kids. Plus, if you are like us (I teach Second Grade), we don’t celebrate the 100th Day of school because that is so big in Kindergarten. The 101st Day of school officially belongs to First Grade. Well, that didn’t leave anything for us in Second. At least, not until now! 2-22-22 was made for Second Graders!!

I even purchased a shirt just for this day. This is actually kind of funny. When my new shirt arrived, I showed my (youngest) daughter. She was like, “Mom, you ordered a shirt that you can literally only wear one time?”. Ummm… I actually had not even thought about that point. I was just so psyched about actually being on point for this event that it hadn’t crossed my mind for a second. Okay, buzz killer. Thanks for your input. Ha ha aha. In any case, I’m a Second Grade teacher celebrating 2-22-22 with my rockin’ shirt.


Celebrating Two’s Day with Your Class

There are probably so many options!

Here are a few thoughts that come to mind:

Just for Fun Twos Day Activities

  • Come as a “Twin”- Allow students to pick a classmate and plan to dress alike.
  • Let your kids dress in “to’s”- like tutus, wearing two ties, two bows, two different shoes, two different socks
  • If students sit in desks, slide two together for a day of partners
  • Pick a special time of day and give students only 2 minutes (or 2 seconds- LOL) to perform a task
  • Set up a classroom store where all items cost 2 cents, 2 dollars, or $2.22.
    • This will require some prepping. You can find those extra items that we teachers tend to keep in our closets and drawers. You know, a pencil here. An eraser there.
    • You can also ask parents to send items in. These can be new, inexpensive store bought items or gently loved toys and books that they have been wanting to get rid of.
  • What can you do for two minutes straight- no stopping?
  • Play Musical Chairs
    • Play the music for 2 seconds, 20 seconds, 200 seconds…
  • How long is 2 minutes?

Download these Twos Day, 2-22-22, Certificates for your students. I added a few options- Second Grade specific and use with any grade. Choose the one that is best for you.

Fun Food Treats for 2-22-22

  • Twix
  • Twinkies
  • Double Mint Gum
  • Kit Kat

Twos Day Books to Enjoy

Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong

  • My students really enjoy this story. It has an interesting twist to the “two of everything”.

Tuesday by David Wiesner

  • This is one of my all time favorite stories- mostly because it’s different. It was so fun and creative when it first came out. This is a wordless picture book. It’s fun and easy. I think your students will really enjoy it.
  • It might be fun to give students a blank piece of paper and allow them to create their own “Tuesday-like” story board.

Two by Kathryn Otoshi

  • If you loved her book, One, I think that Two will be just as enjoyable for you!

Two Ways to Count to Ten: A Liberian Tale

  • This is a spirited tale on being clever. You know that I love that this is culturally responsive.

One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale by Demi

  • Here’s another story that we can add to our culturally responsive teaching practice- kind of. I love the story. Love the lesson that it teaches, and I love that it incorporates the mathematical concept of doubling (which also makes it perfect for Twos Day). Though it may have been done completely for the aesthetics, I do wish that the Indian people had been painted with their beautiful brown skin tones. They are painted/left as white within the artwork. I don’t love that. It is a good story, though.

I shared these titles via my Amazon Affiliate links. If you purchase these fun read aloud through my link, I will receive a commission. No additional fees will be charged to you for your purchase.

Twos Day Extras

  • Give your students brand new #2 pencils.
    • Make it extra special! Pull out neon colored pencils. Add a fun eraser to the top.
    • Order pencils that are made just for this day- 2-22-22. The Oriental Trading Company offers special occasion pencils.
  • Decorate the classroom with 2s.
    • Grab some poster board and cut out giant 2s. No worries about making them perfect. Your kids will just think that they are fun.
    • If you have time, paint it- polka dots, swirls, stripes…. Dive in and let your inner child loose!
    • You can put one of them on the classroom door
  • Create a banner that says “Happy Twos Day”
    • Hang it across the classroom doorway
    • Display it across your White Board
  • Cut out number 2s (die cuts) and hide them around the classroom. The student that finds the most gets 2 _______ (a gift that your students would really love to have).
    • Two x 4 extra minutes of recess
    • Getting to color for 12 minutes (20 if no one is watching- LOL)
    • Sitting with 2 friends in class or at lunch
    • 2 bonus points

Tuesday Song for Two’s Day

  • Tuesday by Andy Pidcock (This is a YouTube link.)
    • This song is simple and repetitive, but it has a cool jazzy feel that I think you and your students will enjoy. I think of it being played at a lower volume, in the background, while your class works and enjoys the day.

ELA and Math Activities for Twos Day

  • Count by 2s
    • Go student to student for this challenge
    • Begin at any number to make it even more fun (like “count by 2 from 222” or 22 if your class is not ready for the larger numbers yet)
  • Roll 2 dice to create a number. Count by twos from the number that you rolled.
  • Solve 2-step word problems
  • Get a 100s chart. Have students circle a number that you call out. Have them color every number by 2 from there.
    • Switch it up. Let students work with a partner. They can take turns giving each other a number to begin from and then count by 2 from the number their partner gave them.
  • Roll 2 dice to create a number. Write the number that comes before it and the number that comes after it. For a challenge, students can double the number that they roll.
  • Fun writing prompts about being 22, having $22, and having a twin are all fun Twos Day writing ideas.
  • Write a letter “to” someone.
An image with a large photo of activities for Twos Day. There is a black banner across the top with Twos Day and February 22, 2022.
If you need a ready-to-use resource, you can get what you need for Twos Day be clicking here.

Grammar Lessons for February 22, 2022

  • Which To/Two/Too Should I use
    • Write sentences on the board that would use a variation of to/two/too. Have students tell you which one to use (or they can write it down). Older students can copy the sentences and fill in the missing word.
  • Compound Words
    • Write a variety of words on the board, in random order/sporadically, and have students create compound words. For fun, they can create silly words.
  • Make a fun list of words where the final consonant has to be doubled (eg. stop- stopped- stopping)
  • Create a fun list of things that come in pairs (like shoes, pants…)
  • Jot down a list of things that are best together (think of peanut butter and jelly, ketchup and mustard…)
    • Turn up the fun by challenging students to think of their own pairs or partnerships. This would be great as partner work or as a table vs table challenge.

2-22-22 is Also Kindness Day

Confession… I am not certain whether or not this is just something that someone in my school made up because technically World Kindness Day is on the 17th. But, our PTO has claimed February 22nd as Kindness Day, so I went with that. Besides, every day is a great day to be kind, right?! So, you can also find “Kindness Day” activities in the Twos Day resource that I created for you and your students.

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  1. This is amazing! You’re a lifesaver! I’m a homeschooling mama and, although we aren’t in a traditional classroom, my kiddos will loooove your ideas! Thank you!

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