Make Curtains for Your Classroom Door- the Easy Way

Are you looking to make curtains for your classroom door- the easy way? Have you seen this new trend and wanted to make them for yourself? That was me a few short weeks ago. It seemed like every door that I walked past, had these adorable curtains hanging to welcome me in. Well, loving the […]

10 Helpful Things to Do to Jumpstart Your School Year

Happy Summer Vacation! Sweet teacher friends, I hope that your Summer break has been filled with joy, peace, and reset. I have been cleaning and organizing my home office. This was quite the task. I have also been able to spend time with my family in South Florida. As my break comes to a close, […]

How to Create a Visual Classroom Schedule in Minutes

Hello!  I am so happy to be back with you sharing how you can create a visual classroom schedule in minutes! This visual schedule can be used in your classroom.  Simply print it and display it on your wall or Whiteboard.  You can also share it via Google Classroom, Schoology, your Bitmoji, teacher classroom- the […]

The Ultimate Back to School Teacher Checklist 2020

Can you believe that we are headed back to school in just a matter of days? This year is so different for most of us. It was time to begin organizing all of the things that I might need to do. I just started writing and came up with the ultimate back to school teacher […]

What Will Classrooms Look Like in the Fall?

Click here to listen to the audio for this post! What will classrooms look like in the fall? Writing this post feels like the moment that we have all reluctantly been waiting for. A month ago (for some of us, depending on what area you live in), we were on auto-pilot and/or in survival mode. […]

The 4 Must-Have Freebies for Meet the Teacher

Happy beginning of the school year, everyone! With school beginning, that may only mean one thing for you- Meet the Teacher. If your school is like mine, Meet the Teacher is held during the week of Pre-Planning. All you can think of (and DO) is work on your classroom. Plus, all of the meetings. Plus, […]