4 Ways to Make Read Across America More Diverse

I’m so excited to share 4 ways to make Read Across America more diverse! Can you believe that it is almost March? March means a few special events; one of those being Read Across America! March 2nd is the day that we typically celebrate the writings and musings of one, Theodore Seuss Geisel. His stories […]

How to Teach Central Message Using Beautiful

Hello! I hope that you have been feeling like the amazing person that you are in spite of anything that may be happening around you. I love that you are here sharing how to teach central message with me! You cannot imagine how happy I am to be writing about how to teach central message […]

1 Epic Way to Celebrate Read Across America Week

Read Across America is a program that promotes early literacy for all children. It is sponsored by the National Education Association. The literacy celebration, thus far, always corresponds with Dr. Seuss’ birthday. The program began as a way to pay homage to Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka “Dr. Seuss”. March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Although […]

Finding Books to Inspire African American Boys to Read!

Inspiring African American Males to Read   You know how passionate I am about children and literature!  :  )  Focusing on our sweet, African American boys and reading is so imperative, too.  It will take a little extra focus and TLC.  I say this because even when we make our best efforts to ensure that our […]

Celebrate Multicultural Children’s Book Day!

Multicultural Children’s Book Day   If you are like me, you may not have even known that there was a Multicultural Children’s Book Day!  I can’t tell you how excited I was- as a mom, Teacher, and person of color- to learn of this beautiful movement.  How wonderful to have a group of like-minded people […]