Ways to Improve Classroom Environment

I wanted to share 3 simple classroom management steps that you might be over-looking. These ways to improve classroom environment may look small, but they are mighty! If you are finding that your students are rowdier than you would like or have a hard time settling into to work time, you are likely looking for […]

3 Touch-Free Ways to Use Task Cards in Your Classroom

Task cards are an effective, fun, and easy way to allow students additional opportunities to practice the skills that they need to know. This school year has offered challenges on using task cards with students since sharing items is not highly recommended. No need to fret! You can STILL use these awesome learning tools for […]

How to Create a Visual Classroom Schedule in Minutes

Hello!  I am so happy to be back with you sharing how you can create a visual classroom schedule in minutes! This visual schedule can be used in your classroom.  Simply print it and display it on your wall or Whiteboard.  You can also share it via Google Classroom, Schoology, your Bitmoji, teacher classroom- the […]

The Ultimate Back to School Teacher Checklist 2020

Can you believe that we are headed back to school in just a matter of days? This year is so different for most of us. It was time to begin organizing all of the things that I might need to do. I just started writing and came up with the ultimate back to school teacher […]

Dealing with Disruptive Behavior in a Positive Way

  A New Class of Students   If you are anything like me, you return to the classroom for the beginning of the school year trying to visualize what your students will be like this year.  There may be a few students that you observed the previous year that you either hope are in your […]