Make Curtains for Your Classroom Door- the Easy Way

Are you looking to make curtains for your classroom door- the easy way? Have you seen this new trend and wanted to make them for yourself? That was me a few short weeks ago. It seemed like every door that I walked past, had these adorable curtains hanging to welcome

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10 Helpful Things to Do to Jumpstart Your School Year

Happy Summer Vacation! Sweet teacher friends, I hope that your Summer break has been filled with joy, peace, and reset. I have been cleaning and organizing my home office. This was quite the task. I have also been able to spend time with my family in South Florida. As my

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Tips and Books to Celebrate Juneteenth With Your Students!

Juneteenth is here! I’m so excited to share tips and books for celebrating Juneteenth with you! Can you believe that Juneteenth was named a national holiday? A national, federally-recognized holiday! Oh my gosh! When I saw this information for the first time, it was a small whisper of news showing

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Teacher Giveaway! Teachers Pay Teachers Monthly Giveaway- March

Happy Women’s History Month! I hope that this month is already off to a great start for you and your students. This month is always fun. We celebrate the contributions of innovative, curious, forward-thinking and moving women! Where would this world be without their creativity and vision?! This month’s Teachers

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Create a Twos Day That Your Students Won’t Forget!

What a time to be a kid! February 22, 2022, affectionately named “Twos Day, Two’s Day, or 2-22-22 Day”, is just days away. There are many fun activities and resources you can use to make the day memorable and easy to manage. Keep reading for more information on Twos Day

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