How Do You See Gifted Black Male Students?

This is a blog post that has been burning at my soul! Gifted Black male students and how they fair in the education system. I decided to take the plunge with two of my teammates and get my Gifted Endorsement. Honestly, it entails way too much work; especially since this

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Ways to Improve Classroom Environment

I wanted to share 3 simple classroom management steps that you might be over-looking. These ways to improve classroom environment may look small, but they are mighty! If you are finding that your students are rowdier than you would like or have a hard time settling into to work time,

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How to Teach Central Message Using Beautiful

Hello! I hope that you have been feeling like the amazing person that you are in spite of anything that may be happening around you. I love that you are here sharing how to teach central message with me! You cannot imagine how happy I am to be writing about

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3 Touch-Free Ways to Use Task Cards in Your Classroom

Task cards are an effective, fun, and easy way to allow students additional opportunities to practice the skills that they need to know. This school year has offered challenges on using task cards with students since sharing items is not highly recommended. No need to fret! You can STILL use

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How to Create a Visual Classroom Schedule in Minutes

Hello!  I am so happy to be back with you sharing how you can create a visual classroom schedule in minutes! This visual schedule can be used in your classroom.  Simply print it and display it on your wall or Whiteboard.  You can also share it via Google Classroom, Schoology,

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Teacher Hack for Those Same-Colored Notebooks!

Hey! Happy back to school! I wanted to share this teacher hack with you. What do you do when parents send in the same-colored notebooks?! If this is you, then I apologize in advance. But, who goes into the store and just grabs four blue Composition Notebooks?! That’s not fun!

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The Best Back to School Books for 2020

We love books! I absolutely adore children’s literature! Books are my happy place. As we kick-off this new school year, I wanted to share some of the best back to school books for 2020 with you! I know that this year may look and feel very different from years past,

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