Adding 3-Digit Numbers with Regrouping

Oh boy! Adding 3-digit numbers with regrouping is a doozy! ha ha. In Second Grade, this is the unit that makes most of us cringe. Actually, SUBTRACTING 3-digit numbers is worse, but that makes most of us want to quit. Teaching 7-year-olds how and why to regroup can be an absolute beast! LOL But, my […]

Usher in Fall With New ELA and Math Centers

Happy Fall, everyone! I have to admit, Fall is my favorite season of the year!  The changing color of the leaves.  Falling leaves.  The crisp cool air, and possibly my favorite part, being able to pull long-sleeved shirts out.  Then, of course, there is apple and pumpkin everything everywhere.  Cinnamon-scented broom sticks for your home […]