Celebrate Chinese New Year 2022 in Second Grade

Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year 2022! This is the Year of the Tiger for this Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year falls on February 1st this year. It’s a holiday that celebrates the New Year in China. Much like the New Year in the West, it is a time for fresh starts, reflecting, family, hope, […]

5 Ways to Teach Native American History in Your Classroom

November is Native American/American Indian History Month. Genuinely, this is one area of history that I truly enjoy sharing with my students. The beauty of the Native Americans and the beauty of their traditions and culture is breathtaking. The sadness of their history can be overwhelming, upsetting, and sad. This inspired me to share 5 […]

Ways to Improve Classroom Environment

I wanted to share 3 simple classroom management steps that you might be over-looking. These ways to improve classroom environment may look small, but they are mighty! If you are finding that your students are rowdier than you would like or have a hard time settling into to work time, you are likely looking for […]

Adding 3-Digit Numbers with Regrouping

Oh boy! Adding 3-digit numbers with regrouping is a doozy! ha ha. In Second Grade, this is the unit that makes most of us cringe. Actually, SUBTRACTING 3-digit numbers is worse, but that makes most of us want to quit. Teaching 7-year-olds how and why to regroup can be an absolute beast! LOL But, my […]

Teachers, Are You Willing to Accept the Problem?

I am writing this post at a time when there is so much passion and fire in the world. Through the sorrow and turmoil, much beautiful change and advancements. There is no way around the conversations that are happening. There is no way around the occurrences that are happening. People are hurting. People are angry. […]