10 Epic Books to Help Change Your Life in 2022

image of a lighter complexion African American woman sitting outside on a bridge or deck reading an epic book that will help change her life. She is dressed in a halter top and a matching white skirt.

2022 is knocking on the door as we speak. No, it’s banging on the door and commanding an immediate opening and surrender! I don’t know how you feel about New Years. Personally, I usually feel stressed and seasonally somber. Thankfully, this has been easing for me as I have gotten older. Podcasts and YouTube videos […]

2020 Is YOUR Year!

Sending you New Year’s wishes! Let me begin by wishing you and your loved ones the happiest of New Years! Thank you so much for supporting me and my blog, and for giving me a place to share my teaching and personal journey. I couldn’t be happier to be writing to you! Interacting with each […]

Teacher Self-Care: New Year, New Mindset

Whew! The Educators2Educators Teacher Reboot Virtual Conference was phenomenal! It was quite the beautiful experience for me, and it was a whirlwind; with moment after moment of excitement and new experiences! To provide a little bit of background… The Teacher Reboot conference featured 40+ educators that each created video sessions, some with downloadable documents, on […]